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We provide all of the typical appraisal services that you’ll find from any appraisal services firm, and more.  Reports are tailor-made for each client, and designed around each assignment.  Due to the diverse nature of Maine, and the varing needs of owners/borrowers, each order is specifically designed to meet the needs of the client.

Estate Planning In times of loss, it is often difficult to think of the various steps that must be taken to resolve any outstanding monies of the deceased. An appraisal is required to establish fair market values of any real estate properties in the estate for tax filings and any presentation to multiple heirs. The aid of an appraisal is a necessity to dispose of the estate properly.

Real Estate Valuations in Maine

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Maine Valuation Company Partners have performed a broad diversity of business property appraisal assignments throughout Maine for private individuals, attorneys, commerce and corporate entities, law-making agencies, and monetary organization clients.

Whenever the parties of concern in a commercial real estate deal finally arrive at an agreement, and financing is a module of the contract, it shouldn’t take so long to get an appraisal report completed.  There are many obstructions to overcome in the valuation process for credible results. Here are some of the all-too-common drawbacks that can put in needless delays to a Real estate valuation not just in Maine, but for Los Angeles luxury homes or wherever the property may be located.

Foremost, rules require that a “financial institution” must be the Client of the Appraiser for all business-related real estate loans in excess of $250,000. Acting on behalf of their borrower, fiscal institutions usually ask for proposals from some appraisers to find the finest fit in terms of delivery period of an acceptable appraisal report and at the most rational fee. During this process, the financial institution needs to unmistakably describe the characteristics of the property to the appraiser to obtain a reliable time/fee quote. Negligible mistakes made in this preliminary step can easily cause stoppages.

Although the borrower characteristically provides information to the lender in the request process, such information is not provided by the lender straight to the appraiser. The appraiser is usually instructed to ask for all necessary information directly from the contact person.  Many a times, whilst the appraiser reaches out to the contact person given, that person is not set to provide the information in a sensible fashion.  In fact, sometimes the contact person given by the lender is the buyer. This causes delays in that the buyer has no narration with the property to answer questions effectively, and may only have some of the necessary information.  So, step two is to be prepared to reply and give the information and right to use.

Finally, if the assessment assignment includes an “as complete” view, such as when restorations or new constructions are concerned, hold-ups in gaining final devices, provisions, project costs, time table for conclusion, etc. are often noteworthy reasons why delays occur.

Careers in Maine real estate are expected to see growth in the next decade. When most people think of careers in Maine real estate, being an agent or broker is usually what comes to mind. Maine real estate appraisal careers offer a marvellous height of opportunity. If you want to work in the real estate industry, but do not want to toil in sales, then you should think of receiving your Maine real estate appraiser license.

Lending Institutions – (Banks, Mortgage Companies, Credit Unions) Appraisals to be used with a Mortgage Transaction need to meet certain guidelines.   These guidelines vary between lenders, however Gilliam Appraisal has a working relationship with most major lending partners and knows of their lending practices.   This expedites your loan proceedings, and makes the entire process go smoother for everyone involved.
PMI Removal Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI is the supplemental insurance that many lenders have to purchase when the amount being loaned is more than 80% of the value of the home (LTV loan to value). This additional payment is often folded into the monthly mortgage payment and is quickly forgotten. After a rise in values and/or payment to principal goes below this 80% level PMI is no longer required.
Property Tax Assessments Challenging the tax assessment has become a necessity in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, most people go into these challenges unarmed. They may pull some information from the Internet to support their claims, but have no real basis for their claims. A real estate appraiser can provide the accurate answers to the question of value.
Things to Do Before Listing Your House

Things to Do Before Listing Your House

The peak season for selling a house usually happens during the spring. But this doesn’t guarantee that your house will be sold right away. There are many so many ways that you can do to sell your house faster with great profits regardless of the season and economic conditions. Here are some tips to help you get started on selling your property:

1. Research your local market

If you have lived in the same neighborhood for more than a year, you probably have an idea what is the average housing price in your area. You are also aware of the local economic condition depending on the developments near your place. If you want to double check for home prices, visit the website of the National Association of REALTORS®.

2. Study your competition

Find out houses with the same size and feature as your property within your area. Check how much they are being sold. Your comparable or “comps” will guide you set your asking price. You cannot go too high or too low from your comp’s asking price. If you will do that, your property will remain on the list for a very long time.

3. Hot or cold market

A “hot” market means that there are more buyers than sellers so you can put a more competitive price tag on your property. A “cold” market means that there are more sellers than buyers so you need to price your property almost the same as the comp’s prices. Understand the law of supply and demand and how to play with it to make it favor your interest surely helps.

4. Choose the best realtor

Choosing a realtor is one of the most important decisions that you need to make when selling a property. Invite 3-4 potential realtors for an interview. Ask pertinent questions to determine who among the candidates best fit the job. If you cannot decide, ask them to give you their previous Napa Valley luxury real estate clients. Call their clients and ask what they can say about the agent’s performance. Negative comments from their clients should raise a red flag for you not to hire a particular candidate.

5. Improve your home’s value

Your home’s visual appeal will initially draw many potential buyers. Make sure that your house and the landscaping looks good not just in photos but also during actual visits.

6. Get your home as many social media exposure as possible

The internet can serve as an avenue where you can advertise your property on sale to the public. The good news is it is effective and free. The bad news is… wait, there is no bad news about this marketing technique.

Real Estate Help

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Q. 1 – What is an Appraisal?

A. 1- To put it simply, an appraisal is an ‘opinion of value’.  Now there can be different types of value (fair market, value in use) and different situations, but when it comes right down to it, and appraisal is an opinion of value.

Q. 2 – What is “Real Property”?

A- 2 – There are basically two forms of property; Real and Personal.  Personal Property is called Personalty, and Real Property is called Realty (That’s where that comes from).  Real Property differs from what is considered ‘land’, because Real Property includes the rights to the property.

For example, having the ‘use’ of land can be quite valuable, when it fact you would own no ‘land’, or dirt.  This example works around water front properties.  The ‘dirt’ isn’t what is valuable, it’s the use of the land that is close to the water frontage.

Real Estate Valuation

This is a unique service that has been designed as a process with developing an opinion of value relating to the real property. The transaction does require appraisals with that occurring frequently and with the uniqueness to the location and is the key factor in valuation. Unlike the corporate stocks those are traded daily and are identical with the stock exchange system.


Role of the company : 

This is a kind of service being produced with the commercial and real estate appraised. They are offering clients with high quality valuation products and services. The work is being supported since a long time with collective experiences, knowledge and integrity. They are offering with independent opinions and value on all types of commercial real estate service and opinions by the primary market research, objective analysis and the seasoned judgment. The state has been professional commercial real estate appraiser with no competition with their clients and business interactions. Their company is not contingent upon the results of their work in any conditions.

They operate within a wide area in a virtual office that has computers to work on with the wide area network. That what comprised of numerous offices being located in different sub- regions of Maine. The structure greatly enhances the due diligence process with providing the economies of scale and efficiently required by the dynamic business environment.

Summary : 

The appraisal reports form the basis for mortgage loans, settling estates, divorces, taxations and many more. The appraisal report is used to sale the price of the property.

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Finding the best real estate agent during the time you are searching the best deal while buying or selling the home is really an important step. In order to find the best real estate professional, you should be equally serious as you do while searching the property. The San Diego Real Estate Agents are professional experts and customer friendly enough to support you in every possible manner. They work hard in offering you good valuation and consultation services. When you plan to buy your dream home, you will definitely not like to be disappointed in any kind of real estate service. That’s why you should be in touch with only the expert and experienced professional.


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The most important thing to know about the real estate experts is that they are experienced and professionally smart. Possessing the experience of over 15 years in real estate, the San Diego real estate experts specialize in their work. They are flexible to offer good services to the clients belonging to the southern Maine in various locations such as Sagadahoc, Cumberland, York, Androscoggin Counties as well as some locations of Lincoln County and Kennebec. Their consultation services are good enough to let you understand everything about the real estate world.


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